Abandoned Carts Recovery Pro For WooCommerce

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Recover your lost sales effortlessly by sending automated email reminders for both logged in customers and visiting customers who abandoned their carts.

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Features to Boost Your Sales

More than 69% of the carts get abandoned by the users. Here is the list of features to reduce your cart abandoned rate and grow your businesses.

Capture visitors email address early as possible with Add to cart popup.
Recover carts from anywhere and anytime with cross-device cart rebuilding
Encourage customers by sending a unique coupon code to complete their purchase.
Auto applies coupon codes when the customer tries to recovering the abandoned cart
Real-time email capture on the checkout page and other custom fields
Fully integrated with Multi-Currency for WooCommerce and WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugins.
WPML compatible email templates: Customers will receive abandoned cart recovery mail notifications in the language in which they abandoned their cart.

Manually send abandoned cart recovery mail notifications.

View a complete history of customer like pages visited and cart actions.
Clean and simple interface to observe abandoned carts v/s recovered carts, emails sent, opened, clicked, and more…

Create a sense of urgency in sales

Customers are always on the quest for offers that will give them more for less. So, store owners like you persistently think of creative yet profitable ways to provide them more reasons to make a purchase immediately.

Using coupon codes has been proven effective in giving customers that little force needed to convert. 40% of shoppers who receive personalized coupons, promotions, or recommendations while shopping in-store spend more and up to 31 billion eCoupons are predicted to be redeemed worldwide in 2019.

Create a sense of urgency in sales

Collecting E-Mails from visitors

E-mail is the most trustworthy way of contacting customers, so collecting email addresses from your store visitors is crucial to improving profits and getting life-long customers. But, you’ll need to give people an incentive and good reason to capture their email addresses.

You’re ready to start collecting visitor’s email addresses and grow your list, then gave a try here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

when would the customer's cart consider as an abandoned cart?

Each cart would consider as a abandoned cart after the cut-off time passed since adding the product to the cart. The default value for cut-off time is 60 minutes.

How to capture a customer’s email address?

Our plugin can capture the customer’s email address as soon as a customer enters it at the checkout page. You can also capture the customer’s email early, as by using the Add-to-cart Email Collection pop-up.

How does “Add to cart pop-up” works?

Once the customer clicks on the add to cart button, our plugin opens the pop-up modal for capturing the customer’s email address. To known more about Add to cart pop-up, click here.

How to encourage a customer for providing their email?

You can reward your customer with single use coupon codes and also create urgency among customers to complete their purchase.

How does the abandoned cart plugin sent out the recovery emails?

Our plugin uses the WP-Cron to send the abandoned cart reminder email to customers automatically at every 15 minutes. You can also set external cron scheduler or server cron to send out abandoned cart rest emails.

How can I include coupon codes in email remainders?

When you add or edit an email template, it has a “Enter coupon code to add into email” Here you need to enter a coupon code that you have created from WooCommerce > Coupons page. You would also need to add the {{coupon.code}} tag in the Body section of the email template. This will send the same coupon code to all customers.

If you want to send a unique coupon code to each customer, then you need to enable the “Generate unique coupon codes” setting.

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