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Coupons for abandoned cart recovery emails

You can send coupon codes to your customers in reminder emails in two ways:

  1. Generating unique coupon (Recommended)
  2. Using WooCommerce coupons

Below we explain how to generate a unique coupon and sending it to customers. Choose the remainder email that need to provide with coupon codes.

pro feature available in email remainder
  1. Generate unique coupon codes: whether you need to include unique coupon codes in the reminder emails.
  2. Discount type: Select the discount type(Fixed cart discount or percentage discount).
  3. Coupon amount: How much amount will it give to customers as a discount.
  4. Coupon expiry days: When the coupon code will get expires from the date of generation.
  5. Alternatively, you can provide WooCommerce coupons to your customers in remainder emails.
  6. Finally save the email template.
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