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Add to cart popup

To recover lost sales, we need a medium to contact customers to remind them about the carts they left. For logged-in customers, we have an email address that they used during the account registration. But collecting email addresses from visitors is impossible until they entered their email address in the billing email field of the checkout page. So we come here with a solution called Add to cart popup.

enabling add to cart popup in abandoned cart recovery plugin

First of all, you need to enable the add to cart popup by clicking the Enable button. Then you can customize your popup as per your need. You can visually build your popup by using WordPress theme customizer.

  1. Show Popup until When to display the popup to your customers. Add to cart popup will appear to customers until they provide an email address. We also come with the various display options like don’t show popup once they closed popup, they clicked the no thanks link.
  2. Custom pages to exclude the pop-up modal:  You can easily exclude pages from displaying popup by entering the URL of the page.

Below we attached a video about customizing your popup.

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