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GDPR compliance

In this documentation, we go through settings in the abandoned cart recovery plugin to start moving your site towards complying with the GDPR law.

setup GDPR compliance for abandoned carts by woo master

Here are the simple steps to make your store GDPR compliance-ready:

  1. Enable GDPR Compliance: You need to enable this setting by clicking the “yes” option. Our plugin shows the GDPR compliance message to your customers from the time of you enabled this setting. We will not track the customers who are all not accepted your compliance.
  2. GDPR Message: Compliance message that needs to show for your customers. The link for accepting GDPR compliance should have an attribute id. For example ‘<a href=”#” id=”acbwm_accept_tracking”>Click here</a>’.
  3. Background color: Pick the color to use in the background of the compliance message. Use color combinations that highlight the GDPR compliance to your customers.
  4. Text Color: Choose the color of the compliance message. The color you picked must ensure readability and visibility for customers.
  5. Custom CSS: You can also use custom CSS and customize your compliance as per your need.
  6. Click on the publish button, once you have complete.
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