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Dashboard setup

The abandoned cart lite dashboard displays minimal analytics that can easily understandable by all store owners.

abandned cart lite dashboard

Our plugin shows the last seven days of analytical data. You can easily toggle the analytics as per your need. We provide various options to switch between a date range.

  1. Select the date range to view analytical data.
  2. Shows how many carts get abandoned in the chosen date range. Abandoned carts are the carts that exceed the cut off time limit.
  3. Shows the total number of carts that can be recoverable. Carts containing medium to contact customers are all recoverable carts. In our plugin carts which are all having email address are all recoverable carts.
  4. Shows the total number of abandoned carts that were recovered by the customers.
  5. Shows the total value of carts that get abandoned by the customers.
  6. Shows the total value of carts that are recoverable by the store owners by sending reminders.
  7. How much of the abandoned carts get retained.
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