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Abandoned cart emails

The recovery rate of abandoned carts will increase as the number of remainder emails sent. Sometimes sending more reminders to customers may lead to customer dissatisfaction. Here is the simple documentation to generate more revenue from the customers by setting smart email remainders.

Email templates

Our plugin comes with three active email remainders as below.

  1. The first reminder will send after one hour of cart abandonment.
  2. The second email remainder will send after six hours of cart abandonment.
  3. The final template will send after a day of cart abandonment.

We highly recommended you include a coupon code in the second remainder email. Because of researches proves that sending a unique coupon code leads to more conversion rates.

 abandoned cart  email remainders list
  1. Our plugin is 100% supports WordPress MultiLingual(WPML). You can create email templates for each available site languages and send reminders to customers in their language.
  2. Name – the name of the email reminder.
  3. Send After – displays the time of email remainder that sent right after abandonment.
  4. Subject – the subject of the email remainder.
  5. Status – whether that email reminder is active or not.
  6. Edit – Link to edit the email remainder.
  7. Delete – Link to delete the remainder.
  8. Bulk actions – You can enable, disable, or delete remainders in a bulk way.
  9. Search – Search and find the email reminder.
  10. Add New – Link to create a new email remainder.

Creating new Email template:

You can create as many email reminders by clicking Abandoned carts->Emails->Add new.

  1. Active – Weather you need to enable or disable the email remainder.
  2. Language – Choose the language of the email remainder(will be sent to the customer that they abandoned).
  3. Email Name – Enter the email reminder’s name.
  4. Email Heading – Heading of the email remainder. Heading will be included in the email reminder when you had chosen the Use Woocommerce template style.
  5. Send this mail after – Time to send the remainder for the cart that had abandoned.
  6. Email subject – Subject of the email remainder.
  7. Email body – Message that needs to send for the customer. Include shortcodes like {{cart.items_table}},{{cart.recovery_url}} to show cart contents and cart recovery URL.
  8. Use the WooCommerce template style – Need to use WooCoomerce’s default template style or not. 
  9. Send a preview email to any of your emails to know how these emails remainder receives to customers. Note: All the shortcode contents are sample data.
  10. View the preview of your working copy. 
  11. Finally, save the template.

Email logs

Abandoned cart email logs

We log every email remainder that sent to the customers. You can view those logs anytime.

  1. ID –  Unique identifier the log that sent to the customer.
  2. User Email – The email address that receives the remainder.
  3. Subject – Subject of the remainder that sent to the customer.
  4. Send After – Email that sends how long after the cart abandonment.
  5. Sent at –  what time that customers get notified.
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